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Date: 10 Oct 2001 09:27:32 GMT
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unmoderated group passes 61:4  --  65 valid votes

 Yes   No : 2/3? > 60? : Pass? : Group
- ---- ---- : ---- ----- : ----- : -------------------------------------------
  61    4 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes :

There were 2 abstains.

More details (RfDs, CfVs, Result) about this vote are available from

A five day discussion period follows this announcement. If no serious
allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the new groups will 
be created shortly thereafter. 

The voting period closed at 23:59:59 CEST, 08 Oct 2001.

Questions about the proposed group should be directed to the proponents.

Matthias Leisi,

NEWSGROUP LINE	Discussion on law in Switzerland.


Discussions on justice and law, verdicts, administrative
proceedings, and the like.

Due to legal reasons, no counseling is allowed in this group.  
General questions can be discussed on the base of specific
cases, though.

The discussions may cover the following topics:

  - Discussions on specific laws and their applicability
  - Discussions on criminal, civil, labour law, copyright,
    the constitution and others
  - Discussions on the justice system (police, public
    prosecution, ...)
  - Questions on legal procedures
  - Discussions on verdicts
  - General exchange of experience on those topics.

Advertisment (even from lawyers, counsellers etc.) are deemed
not appropriate.

Anonymous and pseudonymous postings are considered appropriate
as an exception from the rules, especially if the poster finds
him/herself in ongoing legal proceedings or for privacy reasons
on certain areas of law. Even in these cases, a valid mail
address is required. Final Vote Ack

Voted Yes
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
al_sutter*                                            Albert Sutter
blacklotus*                                              Mike Pfaff
cad.keller*                                    Hans-Ulrich Keller
chris*                                           Christoph Wysseier
chris*                                         Christoph Leuzinger
christian.egli*                                         Christian Egli
christoph.mueller*                               Christoph Mueller*                                                Daniel Erni
danielbr*                                     Daniel Brönnimann
dominique.rothen*                                 Dominique Rothen
dsnews*                                                  Daniel Schorr
dw2001*                                                   Daniel Werner
ed.treppuh-netsrak*                          Karsten Huppert
ehrbarp*                                             Peter Ehrbar
elmudo*                                             helmut schacher
etienne*                                                   stefan hauser
fabian*                                                    Fabian Rahm
felix*                                                      Felix Rauch
fredy*                                               Fredy Kuenzler
gloin*                                            Adrian von Bidder
gonzo_ch*                                                   Roman Weber
hhug*                                                 Hampa Hug
hpoberlin*                                  Hanspeter 'Happl' Oberlin
izen*                                                    Ivan Zender
jj.wagner*                                       Jean-Jacques Wagner
jung*                                              Hansruedi Jung
kocher*                                           Stephan Kocher
linux_ch*                                            Tibor Dekany
luzian*                                             Luzian Scherrer
martin.steiger*                                       Martin Steiger
martin.widmer*                                     Martin Widmer
matthias.usenet.2001*                                 Matthias Geiser
matthias*                                              Matthias Leisi
matti*                                               Matthias Keller
mgeyer*                                                    Michael Geyer
michael.bleichenbacher*                  Michael Bleichenbacher
msteinacher*                                      Marco Steinacher
pargee*                                                    Paul Glaettli
patrick.kormann*                                       Patrick Kormann
pbrunner*                                           Patrick Brunner
quink*                                                      Roman Brusa
r.liechti*                                                  Reto Liechti
raffaelecolombo*                                     Raffaele Colombo
roman.racine*                                              Roman Racine
rowan*                                               Rowan Klöti
rwilhelm*                                                 Rolf Wilhelm
salvie-usenet*                                       Gabriela Salvisberg
schlauri*                                              Simon Schlauri
schmidgri*                                            Walter Schmid
schoenenberger*                              Daniel Schoenenberger
slim*                                                   Roger Müller
Sven.Kirmess*                                              Sven Kirmess
tele*                                                  Patrick Seemann
terminator*                                        Roland Schneider
thierry.pool*                                           Thierry Pool
thomas*                                                Thomas Holenstein
thomasb*                                                 Thomas Bader
tomwegmann*                                             Tom Wegmann
urs*                                                   Urs Steiner
weidmann*                                           Benjamin Weidmann
wiwi*                                          Christian Wittenhorst

Voted No
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
clk*                                             Christoph Kaufmann
dr*                                                    Daniel Rueegg
MarkusNotter*                                         Markus Notter
phippu*                                           Philipp Nyffenegger

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
andre*                                                André R. Mastel
sam*                                                   Simon Ramseier
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