From: (Andreas Aemissegger)
Newsgroups: ch.general,,ch.comp
Subject: RESULTS: ch.ALL Reorganization [English]
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:00:07 GMT
Message-ID: <>

                      RESULTS (F'up ch.general)

           new charter for all groups passes 143:3
           removing of several groups passes 134:5
           unmoderated group ch.bulletin.avalanche passes 123:8
           new charter for ch.comp passes 134:7
           unmoderated group ch.comp.networks passes 130:9
           unmoderated group ch.comp.os.linux passes 124:13
           unmoderated group passes 116:16
           unmoderated group fails 100:22
           new charter for passes 130:6
           unmoderated group passes 129:6
           unmoderated group passes 130:6
           unmoderated group fails 100:33
           unmoderated group ch.test passes 121:10
           unmoderated group ch.usenet fails 112:26

ch.ALL Reorganization Details
There were 149 valid ballots and 3 invalid ballots.
 Yes   No : 2/3? >=100? : Pass? : Group
---- ---- : ---- ------ : ----- : -------------------------------------------
 143    3 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : New Charter for all groups
 134    5 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : Removing of several groups
 123    8 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : ch.bulletin.avalanche (replaces ch.avalanche)
 134    7 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : ch.comp (new charter)
 130    9 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : ch.comp.networks (replaces
 124   13 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : ch.comp.os.linux
 116   16 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes :
 100   22 :  Yes     No :    No :
 130    6 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : (new charter)
 129    6 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes :
 130    6 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes :
 100   33 :  Yes     No :    No :
 121   10 :  Yes    Yes :   Yes : ch.test
 112   26 :  Yes     No :    No : ch.usenet (replaces ch.general)
For a group to pass, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes. There must also be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes. More
details about this vote are available from

A five day discussion period follows this announcement. If no serious
allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
new groups will be created shortly thereafter. The failing groups may not be
voted on again for six months.

The voting period closed at 23:59:59 CEST, 14 Jun 1998.

Questions about the proposed group should be directed to the proponents.

Proponents: (Andreas Aemissegger)
   (Benjamin Weidmann)
   (Bleichenbacher Michael)
   (Blaise Galland)

Votetaker: (Andreas Aemissegger)

Newsgroup lines
ch.bulletin.avalanche   Bulletins of the ISL Davos
ch.comp   Computer related topics
ch.comp.networks   Network technology and security
ch.comp.os.linux   Linux and Unix in general   The MS-Windows operating system   Want to buy/sell   Want to buy/sell computers and peripherals   Need/search a job
ch.test   A place for test postings

New Charters
Charter for all groups
This charter is valid for all groups within the ch.* hierarchy if the charter of
a certain group does not define it differently. Binaries should not be posted to
these groups in any case. Avoid using HTML or other specific text formatting
languages. In general, cross-posting among ch.* newsgroups is strongly
discouraged. Contributors may use any written language they would use in
Switzerland, as well as English. Dialects are discouraged. Summary translation
in a second language is encouraged when the subject can interest all the
country. Any message can be answered in the same, or a different language.
Articles should be posted using a ISO-8859-1 capable newsreader. The use of
dreaded Quoted-Printable encoding is discouraged. The general rules of the
"netiquette" ( apply to these groups.

The national avalanche bulletins of the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and
Avalanche Research Davos (SLF Davos) are published in this group. As the
postings in this group are just for information of the public, contributions of
other users than the SLF may only be posted in exceptional cases.

This newsgroup is about computers and everything related to it if there is not a
special newsgroup covering the topic. The discussion may cover the following

- general interesting topics of the Swiss UNIX users group
- announcements of conferences
- computers and drivers in general
- internet and whatever belongs to it
- programming in general
- availability of applications
- various things of and about the Swiss Informatics Society

Please state already in the subject what computer system you are using if the
problem you are discussing is related to it (considering that not everybody
within the usenet is using the same computer system as you do).

The discussion in this group is about networking technology and safety. Network
break-downs or the opening of new lines can be announced here.

This newsgroup will include all discussions about linux (Linux is a
freely-distributed operating system similar to unix) and may cover the following

- compatibility and installation of hardware components with Linux on
  different platforms
- software aspects of communication and networking with Linux
- general questions about the Linux X-Window system
- discussion of non-technical questions concerning Linux users
This newsgroup will include all discussions about the operating systems of the
Microsoft Windows family (hardware independent) and all applications running
under the given operating systems.
Here's the place for small ads about buying, selling or exchanging anything that
is not covered by a special group. The postings may cover the following topics:

- selling/buying things
- renting houses, cars, etc.
- commercial announcements (short and clear, no page filling ads!)

No requests or offers from other countries are allowed if they are not coming
from a region close to the swiss borders. It is especially important to point
out in this newsgroup that within the usenet it is unpolite to post the same
article several times.
Offers and requests concerning computers, including software, hardware,
literature, courses and everything of importance to people interested in this
field. The subject field should contain valuable information about what you want
to buy ('S:' abbreviation for 'Suche' germ.) or sell ('V:' abbreviation for
'Verkaufe' germ.) and what computer system it belongs to.

Commercial advertising would not be appreciated at all. No requests or offers
from other countries are allowed if they are not coming from a region close to
the swiss borders. It is especially important to point out in this newsgroup
that within the usenet it is unpolite to post the same article several times.
Offers and requests for positions and other jobs should be posted in this group.
No requests or offers from other countries are allowed if they are not closely
related to Switzerland or are not coming from a region close to the swiss
borders. It is especially important to point out in this newsgroup that within
the usenet it is unpolite to post the same article several times.

You may post test articles in this newsgroup if you do not have access to a
local newsgroup (a newsgroup that only exists on your providers server) that is
assigned for testing your usenet software or access.

Voting Analysis
A clean vote, no serious problems occured. The first vote was received on Tue,
26 May 1998 01:40:20 CEST.

  New Charter for all groups passed on Wed Jun 3 18:30:33 1998
  Removing of several groups passed on Wed Jun 3 19:39:13 1998
  ch.bulletin.avalanche (replaces ch.avalanche) passed on Sat Jun 6 07:02:40
  ch.comp (new charter) passed on Sun May 31 09:22:58 1998
  ch.comp.networks (replaces passed on Thu Jun 4 01:01:52 1998
  ch.comp.os.linux passed on Sat Jun 6 07:02:40 1998 passed on Tue Jun 9 00:20:05 1998 (new charter) passed on Fri Jun 5 09:16:06 1998 passed on Fri Jun 5 17:10:45 1998 passed on Fri Jun 5 09:16:06 1998
  ch.test passed on Sun Jun 7 11:32:15 1998

ch.ALL Reorganization Final Voter List

                            ch.usenet (replaces ch.general) ----------------+
                                                    ch.test ---------------+|
                           (new charter) -----------+|||||
                                           ch.comp.os.linux --------+||||||||
                     ch.comp.networks (replaces -------+|||||||||
                                      ch.comp (new charter) ------+||||||||||
              ch.bulletin.avalanche (replaces ch.avalanche) -----+|||||||||||
                                 Removing of several groups ----+||||||||||||
                                 New Charter for all groups ---+|||||||||||||
abo [at]                                     A. Bonvard Y----------Y--
acr [at]                          Andreas Rutishauser YY------------
Alain.Dupraz2 [at]                   DUPRAZ Alain Y--YY-YY---Y-N
Alain.Fleury [at]                    Alain Fleury YNYYYYYYYYYYYY
Alwin.Egger [at]                      Egger Alwin YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
andae [at]                         Andreas Daengeli YYYYYYY-YYY-YY
andy.schaub [at]                        Andy Schaub YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
antonio [at]                   Denis N. Antonioli YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
b.weidmann [at]                    Benjamin Weidmann YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
dbrack [at]                         Daniel Brack YYYYYYY-YYYYYY
beh [at]                       Benedikt Eric Heinen YYYYYYYYYYYYYN
billy [at]                             Stefan Bill YYYYYYYYYYYYYN
blacklotus [at]                         Mike Pfaff YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
bloch5 [at]                     Stefan M. BLOCH YYNYYYYYYYYYY-
boos [at]                                Daniel Boos YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
burse [at]                              Jan Burse NNYYYYYYYYYNYN
c.hartmann [at]                 Christian Hartmann YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
Carmine.Chiancone [at]       Carmine CHIANCONE YYNYYYNNNNNNNN
cbbc [at]                         Claire Champod YY---------Y-Y
cbuser [at]                       Christian F. Buser -YYYYYNNYYYYYN
Charles.Bueche [at]                Charles Bueche YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
chris [at]                        Christian Staubli YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
christoph.mueller [at]          Christoph Mueller YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
claudio [at]                      Claudio Nieder YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
coco6 [at]                               Corinne Favre YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
cornel.fuerer [at]             Cornel Fuerer YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
dani [at]                      Daniel Rueegg YYYYYYYNYYYNYY
daniel [at]                              Daniel Folly YYYYYNNNYYYNYY
delfosse-a [at]         Antoine DELFOSSE YNY--------YYY
didier.divorne [at]       Didier et Nicole Divorne YYYYNNYYYYYYYY
diggel [at]                   Urs Diggelmann YYYYYYY-YYYY-Y
dingo [at]                                INGOLD DANIEL YY---------YYY
DJoss [at]                              Daniel Joss Y--YYYY-YYY--Y
Dominik.Madon [at]                    Dominik Madon YY-YYYY----Y-N
doru.trandafir [at]                 Doru Trandafir YYYYYYY-Y-YYYN
e.keller [at]                              E.Keller YYYNNNNYYYYYYY
eearnold [at]                            Michael Arnold YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
ehrbar [at]                        Peter Ehrbar YYYYYYYNYYYNYY
engler [at]                           Engler, Stefan YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
etienne [at]                              Stefan Hauser NYYNNNNNYYYYYN
Felix.Rauch [at] Nice.Usergroup.ETHZ.CH            Felix Rauch YYYYYYY-YYY-YY
fkauflin [at]                          Franz Kauflin YYYYYYYYYYYNYN
fmoser [at]                              Felix Moser YYYNNNNNYYYYNN
folco.banfi [at]                          Folco Banfi YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
franck.perrot [at]                       franck perrot YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Francoise.Piguet [at]           Delphine Piguet YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
frederic.pignat [at]           Fr=E9d=E9ric Pignat YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Fritz.Lehmann2 [at]                 Fritz Lehmann YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
fritz.steinmann [at]                   Fritz Steinmann YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Gaby.Freudiger [at]                Gaby Freudiger Y-YYYYYNYYY-YY
galland [at]                     Blaise Galland YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
garance [at]                           Garance Drosehn Y----------Y--
GeorgesRosset [at]                  Georges Rosset YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
geyer [at]                     Michael Geyer YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
gysi [at]                                 Reto Gysi YYNYYYYYYYYYYN
hag [at]                               helmut schacher YYYYYNNYYYYNYY
hang.loose [at]                              Beat Grab YYNYYYYYYYYY--
happl.oberlin [at]                 Hanspeter Oberlin YYYYYYYYYYYYYN
haribos [at]                            Durand jack YYYYY-YYYYYYNY
hendric.stattmann [at]               Hendric Stattmann YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
herscher [at]                     Michel HERRSCHER YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
heuer [at]                                  heuer YYYYYYYNYYYYYY
hhaenni [at]                   Hans-Rudolf Hänni YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
holger.rietmann [at]                  Holger Rietmann NNNNNNNNNNNNNN
howag [at]                         Thomas F. Howald YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
hslama [at]                         Heribert Slama YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
jawenger [at]                        JAN WENGER YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
Jean-Albert.Ferrez [at]             Jean-Albert Ferrez YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
JKle9 [at]                                  John Klein YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
jm [at]                                Jean-Michel Karr Y----------Y--
jpu [at]                                      J. Pumel YYYYYYYYYYYYNY
jschlesinger [at]                   Jacques Schlesinger YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
jvirchaux [at]                  Jacques Virchaux -Y-YY--N---N-N
klaeger [at]                      Thomas Klaeger YYYYYYY-YYYYYY
koerte [at]                           Michael Körte YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
lang [at]                              Patrick Lang YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
lkarrer [at]                      Lukas Karrer YYYYYNNYYYY-YY
lueg [at]                        Christopher Lueg YYNNNNNYNNNNYY
luethim [at]                         Marc Luethi YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
marchetto [at]                      Anita Marchetto YYYNNNNYYYY-YN
marvin [at]                Andreas Umbach -YYYYYYYNNNYNN
matt [at]                             Matt Houriet Y-YYYYYYYYYYYN
mdotta [at]                             Marco Dotta YYYYYYYNYYYNYY
meringo [at]                              thomas zippo YYYYYYY-YYYY-Y
Michael.Leu [at]                      Michael Leu YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
MichaelHirt [at]                   Michael Hirt YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
montjo [at]                      Pascal Montjovent YYYYY--NNNNYYY
mschwen [at]                      Michael Schwendimann YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
muellerk [at]                       Kurt Mueller Y--YYYY-YYY--Y
mussi [at]                    Rene Laederach YYYYYY-YYYYYYY
mziswile [at]                     Ziswiler Marcel YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
nathalie.prudent [at]                 Nathalie Prudent YY-YYY--YYYYYY
neeri [at]                   Matthias Neeracher YYYYYYYYYYY-YY
nnyffp [at]                       Philipp Nyffenegger YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
olivier [at]                           Olivier Pictet Y----------Y--
omueller [at]                  Olivier Mueller YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
ovb [at]                              Oliver von Bueren YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
papadim4 [at]               Papadimitriou Paul P. YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
patrick.sprecher [at]              Patrick Sprecher YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Paul.Corbett [at]                    Paul Corbett YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
pgreuter [at]                          Peter Greuter YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
phc [at]                                 Philippe Cade YYYYYYY-YYYNYY
pjw [at]                                Peter Walser YYYYYYYYYYYYYN
ps.shah [at]                           Pierce Shah YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
r.beyeler [at]                             R. Beyeler YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
remo.nospam [at]                            Remo Hofer YYYYYNNNYYYNYY
res [at]              Andreas Eggenschwiler Y--Y-Y--------
reto.hotz [at]                                Reto Hotz YY-YYYY-----YY
reto.jud [at]                                Reto Jud YYYYYYYNYYYNNY
ro-bra [at]                      Rolf Brandenberger YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
roger.luechinger [at]         Roger L=FCchinger YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
roman_r [at]                          Roman Racine YYYNNNNYYYYYY-
sam [at]                             SUCHET Stéphane YYYYYYYYYYYYYN
sam [at]                              Simon Ramseier YYYYYYY-YYY--Y
schutz [at]                       Frederic Schutz YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
sgrob [at]                                 Samuel Grob YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
simon [at]                       Simon Leinen YYYYYYYYYYYNYY
skilchen [at]                Samuel Kilchenmann YYYYYYYYYYYYYN
Sof [at]                               Sophie Delaloye YY-Y-Y--YYYYY-
spaa9297 [at]                             GUYE Nicolas YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
srml [at]                           Daniel Werner YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
sruckstuhl [at]                   Sandro Ruckstuhl YY-YYYY-YYY--Y
sschaetti [at]                   Siegfried Schätti YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Stefan.Odendahl [at]                Stefan Odendahl YYNYYYYYYYYNYY
stefan.thoma [at]                      Stefan Thoma YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
stefano [at]            Stefano Unternaehrer YYYYYY-NYYYNYY
stephane.plattner [at]               Stephane [IIS_MVP] YYYYYYYNYYYYYN
straumann [at]              Christian Straumann=09 YYYYYYYYYYY--N
strebel [at]                          Rolf Strebel YYYYYY-YYYYNYY
stupan [at]                             Nuot Stupan YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
sven.kirmess [at]                   Sven Kirmess YYYYYYYNYYYYYY
t.roeskens [at]                     Thomas Roeskens YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
tele [at]                      Patrick Seemann YYYYYYYNYYYYNY
tgantner [at]                       Thomas Gantner YYYYYYNYYYYYYY
the_crow [at]                  Christoph Krähenmann YNYYYYYYYYYYYY
thomas.portmann [at]                   thomas portmann YYNYYYYYYYYNYN
tobias.weibel [at]                       Tobias Weibel YY-YYYYNYYY-YY
ulrich.scherrer [at]                   Ulrich Scherrer YYYYYNNYYYYNYY
umanser [at]                           Urs Manser YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
usteiner [at]                       Urs Steiner YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
vispro [at]                              Ueli Schuepfer YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
wbrawand [at]                       Werner Brawand YYYYYYY-YYYYY-
webmaster [at]                  Eduard Brezny YYYYNYNYNNNYYY
widmer [at]                             Matthias Widmer YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
womyn [at]                              Susanne Maeder YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
zicge [at]                             Fred Harder YYYYYYYYYYYYYN
ziswiler_adrian [at]               Ziswiler Adrian YYYYYY--YYY-YY
zozieau [at]                      Sylvie Freymond YYYYYYYNYYYNNN
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