From: (Votetaker)
Newsgroups: ch.general,,ch.comp
Subject: RESULTS: ch.* Vote
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 20:05:11 GMT
Message-ID: <>

                    RESULTS (F'up ch.general)

        Activation of the CHancelbot passes 108:7
        Removing of several groups passes 108:3
        unmoderated group ch.comm fails 104:9
        unmoderated group fails 89:10
        unmoderated group ch.soc.politics fails 96:14
        Removing of ch.general /
        establishing administration group passes 110:9

        New name for the administration group: ch.usenet 54
                                               ch.admin 56

ch.* Details

ch.* spring 1999 results - 119 valid votes
 Yes   No : 2/3? >100? : Pass? : Group
---- ---- : ---- ----- : ----- : -------------------------------------------
 108    7 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes : Activation of the CHancelbot
 108    3 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes : Removing of several groups
 104    9 :  Yes    No :    No : ch.comm
  89   10 :  Yes    No :    No :
  96   14 :  Yes    No :    No : ch.soc.politics
 110    9 :  Yes   Yes :   Yes : Removing of ch.general / establishing
          :            :       : administration group
  54    0 :   -     -  :    -  : ch.usenet
  56    0 :   -     -  :    -  : ch.admin
   3 invalid votes
For a group to pass, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes. There must also be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes. More
details about this vote will be available from the web in the near future.

A five day discussion period follows this announcement. If no serious
allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
new groups will be created shortly thereafter. The failing groups may not be
voted on again for six months.

The voting period closed at 23:59:59 CEST, 4 Apr 1999.

Votetaker: (Andreas Aemissegger)

Newsgroup lines
ch.admin                    Administration of the ch.* hierarchy
ch.bulletin.chancelbot      status reports of the CHancelbot

New Charters

ch.admin is for all the questions and postings about the newsgroups of the
ch.* hierarchy and the Usenet in Switzerland. The disussion may cover the
following topics:

 - establishing / deleting newsgroups
 - voting procedure (RfD, CfV) and modalities
 - structure of the ch.* hierarchy
 - net abuse and misbehaviour, eg Spam, UCE (Unsolicited Commercial

This group carries the status reports of the CHancelbot. As the postings in
this group are just for information of the public, contributions of other
users may only be posted in exceptional cases like an unjustified deletion of
a posting.

The CHancelbot does not touch messages which are not posted to at least one
ch.* newsgroup. Articles must not be cancelled on the basis of opinions,
views or facts they contain. This charter authorizes the CHancelbot to delete
an article if it belongs to one of the following groups:

An article bigger than 15 kB which contains uuencoded or MIME-encoded non
textual information.

ECP (Excessive Cross Posting, also known as 'Velveeta')
An article which is published in more than 2 ch.* groups or 7 groups in
total. FAQs, RfDs and CfVs are not treated as ECP.

Duplicates and EMP articles (Excessively Multiple-Posted)
A content-duplicate is defined by an article whose header and body is really
the same, except the Date:, Path: and Message-ID: headers. This does not of
course count the articles which are dropped because the Message-ID: is
already in the history (as part of the standard news duplicate deletion), but
is really when an user sends an article _by hand_ multiple times (maybe due
to a bad user interface or not waiting long enough and thinking the server
did forget the article).

All activities are documented daily in the group ch.bulletin.chancelbot.
Cancelled articles are
kept one week under an address given in any status report. The cancel control
message contains an explanation why a certain posting was deleted.
Furthermore an attempt is made to contact the poster by e-mail under the
address stated in the From: field.

The CHancelbot marks its cancelmessages by a special Path: entry. This
characteristic allows to reject specifically the cancelmessages generated by
the bot if a provider wants to do this on his newsserver.

Changing of the above policies requires the same procedure as for normal
usenet newsgroups. At least a 2/3 yes majority is required for a changing to

The CHancelbot operates under the authority of persons (the 'operators')
elected by the readers of the ch.* groups by at least a 2/3 yes majority. An
operator has to resign his post if he does not pass a vote of confidence by
at least a 2/3 yes majority. There has always to be at least one active
operator otherwise the CHancelbot has to be shut down.

The operators can not be blamed for program errors, for the deletion of a
posting by mistake or for any other problem with regard to the operation of
the CHancelbot. The operators cannot be viewed as editors for the newsgroups
where articles are cancelled. Thus they are not liable for the content
appearing in those newsgroups. 

Voting Analysis
A clean vote, no serious problems. Someone sent in almost two dozen ballots
containing the addresses of people not aware of this voting. The fakes have
been considered as "invalid" and are therefore eliminated from the final
voter list. After this procedure there was not much left between acceptance
and rejection:

  Activation of the CHancelbot passed on Sat Apr 3 18:26:56 1999
  Removing of several groups passed on Wed Mar 31 21:54:39 1999
  Removing of ch.general / establishing administration group passed
                                         on Sat Apr 3 18:26:56 1999 

ch.ALL Reorganization Final Voter List
                                                         ch.admin ----------+
                                                        ch.usenet ---------+|
       Removing of ch.general / establishing administration group --------+||
                                                  ch.soc.politics -------+|||
                                                          ch.comm -----+|||||
                                       Removing of several groups ----+||||||
                                     Activation of the CHancelbot ---+|||||||
Adrian.Sieber [at]                            Adrian Sieber YYYYYY-Y
alex.lutz [at]                         Alexander Lutz YYYYYYY-
andreas.daengeli [at]                       Andreas Daengeli YYYYYYY-
andy.schaub [at]                                 Andy Schaub -YY-YY-Y
andy [at]                              Andreas Tscharner YYYYYN--
antonio [at]                         Denis N. Antonioli YYYYYYY-
August.Blunschi [at]                  August Blunschi YYY--YY-
avbidder [at]                          Adrian von Bidder YYYYYY-Y
b.weidmann [at]                          Benjamin Weidmann YYNYYYY-
baal [at]                                Martin Schellenberg YYYYYY-Y
bad [at] dbrack [at]                        Daniel Brack YYYYNY-Y
billy [at]                                   Stefan Bill YYYYYY-Y
blacklotus [at]                               Mike Pfaff YYYYYY-Y
bleichenbacher [at]          Michael Bleichenbacher YYYYYYY-
bloch5 [at]                             Stefan M. BLOCH YYYYYYY-
c.hartmann [at]                       Christian Hartmann YYYYYYY-
Carmine.Chiancone [at]             Carmine CHIANCONE YYYYYYY-
cbuser [at]                              Christian F Buser YYNNYYY-
chgloor [at]                              Christian Gloor YYY-YYY-
christian.marti [at]                            Marti YNYYYYY-
christoph.mueller [at]                Christoph Mueller YYY-YYY-
cornel.fuerer [at]                   Cornel Fuerer NYYY-Y-Y
cschertenlaib [at]                Christian Schertenlaib YYYYYYY-
cysp [at]                                  Dominique Stern YYYYYY-Y
d.scherer [at]                                Dieter Scherer YYY-YY-Y
dani [at]                                   Daniel Rueegg YYYNNY-Y
daniel.schorr [at]                             Daniel Schorr YYNYYYY-
daniel [at]                                    Daniel Folly YYYYNYY-
del.fine [at]                              Ursula Wermuth YYYYYYY-
Dominik.Madon [at]                          Dominik Madon --YYYN--
Dominique.Barreaux [at]                            Barreaux YNN--N--
E.Rueegg [at]                            Erwin Regg YYY-YYY-
eckert [at]                             Christoph Eckert YYY-YY-Y
ehk [at]                                        Othmar Pfaff YYYYYY-Y
ehrbarp [at]                              Peter Ehrbar YYYYYY-Y
engler [at]                                  Stefan Engler Y-YYYYY-
etienne [at]                                    Stefan Hauser YYYNYY-Y
fbanzay [at]                                   Frederic O. YYYYYY-Y
Felix.Rauch [at] Nice.Usergroup.ETHZ.CH                  Felix Rauch YYYYYY-Y
feuz [at]                                      Boris Feuz YYY-YY-Y
fmueller [at]                                  Ferdi Mueller YYYYYYY-
fritz.lehmann [at]                              Fritz Lehmann YYYYYYY-
geiser [at]                            Matthias Geiser YYY--Y-Y
georges.rosset [at]                       Georges Rosset YYYYYN--
h.schacher [at]                          helmut schacher YYYYYY-Y
happl.oberlin [at]                       Hanspeter Oberlin YYYYNY-Y
harenbrg [at]                            Frank Harenberg Y-YYYN--
hslama [at]                               Heribert Slama YYYYYY-Y
jan [at]                                 Jan Wenger YYYYYY-Y
jschlesinger [at]                         Jacques Schlesinger YYYYYYY-
killer [at]                             Peter Keel YYNYNYY-
kuemin [at]                      Norbert Kuemin YYNYYYY-
lancelot [at]                                     Thomas Jost NYYYYY-Y
lea.gerstenkorn [at]                         Lea Gerstenkorn YYYYYYY-
leo.mannhart [at]                               Leo Mannhart YYYNNY-Y
linux_ch [at]                                 Tibor Dekany YYYYYY-Y
literat [at]                                Marc Werthen YYYYNY-Y
lkarrer [at]                                  Lukas Karrer YYYYYYY-
loepfe [at]                         Bruno Loepfe ID-SD YY-YNY-Y
lueg [at]                              Christopher Lueg -YYYNYY-
Lukas.Gerber [at]                          Lukas Gerber YYY--Y-Y
Manuel.Rindlisbacher [at]        Manuel Rindlisbacher YYY-YYY-
marco.buergisser [at]                       Marco Buergisser -YYYYY-Y
mdotta [at]                                       Marco Dotta YYY-YY-Y
mgeyer [at]                                     Michael Geyer YYYYYY-Y
mrose [at]                             Marianne Rosenberg YYY-YY-Y
mussi [at]                          Rene Laederach YYYYNYY-
mvr [at]                                   Mathieu von Rohr YYYYNY-Y
mwoog [at]                                      Marc-A. Woog YYYYYYY-
niaxa [at]                                            niaxa YYYYYYY-
nnikld [at]                                    Didi Niklaus YYYYYYY-
omueller [at]                        Olivier Mueller YYYYYYY-
p.clerc [at]                               Patrick Clerc Y----Y-Y
p.heiniger [at]                             Heiniger Patrick NYYYYY-Y
papadim4 [at]                   Paul P. Papadimitriou YYYNYYY-
pdiggelmann [at]                                       Peter YYYY-Y-Y
pfaff [at]                                 Yolanda Pfaff YYYYYY-Y
pfisr [at]                                  Roger Pfister YYYNYYY-
philipp.stadelmann [at]                Philipp Stadelmann YYYYYY-Y
Philippe.Troesch [at]                   Tr=F6sch Philippe YYYYYYY-
pjw [at]                                      Peter Walser YYYYYY-Y
r.beyeler [at]                                   R. Beyeler YYY-YYY-
r.z [at]                                 Roland Zihlmann YYYYYYY-
regina.rechberger [at]                     Regina Rechberger YY-Y-YY-
remo.nospam [at]                                  Remo Hofer YYNNNY-Y
rguthaus [at]                                Roland Guthuaser YYYYYYY-
Robert.Joosten [at]                           Robert Joosten Y-YYYN--
roese [at]                                   Thomas roeskens NYYYYYY-
roman_r [at]                                Roman Racine Y-YYYY-Y
rotor [at]                             Markus Hofer YYYNYYY-
rs [at]                                Roland Schneider YY--YY-Y
sam [at]                                    Simon Ramseier YYYYYY-Y
schaefer [at]                              Marc SCHAEFER YYNNYY-Y
schlauri [at]                               Simon Schlauri YYYYYYY-
schmidgri [at]                             Walter Schmid YY--YY-Y
simon [at]                                      Simon Poole NNYYYN--
skilchen [at]                      Samuel Kilchenmann N-YYYN--
srml [at]                                 Daniel Werner YYYYYYY-
stefan.haller [at]                            Stefan Haller YY--YY-Y
stefan.odendahl [at]                      Stefan Odendahl YYYYYY-Y
stefan.thoma [at]                            Stefan Thoma YYYYYYY-
straumann [at]                       Christian Straumann YYYYYYY-
strebel [at]                                Rolf Strebel YYYYYY-Y
Sven.Kirmess [at]                               Sven Kirmess YYYYYYY-
taxcard [at]                         Jean-Bernard Mani YYYYYYY-
tgantner [at]                             Thomas Gantner YYYYYYY-
theo.stutz [at]                             Theo R. Stutz YYYYYYY-
thomas.portmann [at]                         Thomas Portmann YYYYYY-Y
tpo [at]                                               Tomas YYYYYY-Y
tschnider [at]                            Thomas Schnider NYYYYY-Y
umlocher [at]                                   Urs Locher YYYYYY-Y
unter [at]                               Stefano Unternaehrer YYYYYYY-
urs.steiner [at]                         Urs Steiner YYYYYYY-
utz [at]                                        Utz Pflock Y-YYNY-Y
voegi [at]                                Heinz Vogelsanger YYYYYY-Y
wamrhein [at]                             Walter Amrhein YYY--YY-
womyn [at]                                    Susanne Maeder YYYYYYY-
YoMaMa [at]                                        YoMaMa YYYYYY-Y
zozieau [at]                            Sylvie Freymond YYNNNN--
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