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Subject: 1. RfD: Creation of a moderated group, amendment of the charter of ch.ALL (quorum)
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Date: Sat, 02 May 2009 23:13:36 +0200
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1. RfD: Creation of a moderated group, amendment of the
charter of ch.ALL (quorum)

The proponents propose the amendment of the charter of ch.ALL and the
creation of the moderated group Both proposals
will be treated separately and are only combined in one RfD 
to reduce buerocracy. The CfV will contain two different questions
which will be treated completely independently.

2. Amendment of the charter of ch.ALL

(See for the full charter.)

The current text is:

|  The proposal will be put in place, if:
|    - at least two thirds of all valid votes are on "YES",
|    - at least 60 votes on YES have been given.

The proposed text is:

|  The proposal will be put in place, if:
|    - at least two thirds of all valid votes are on "YES",
|    - at least 20 votes on YES have been given.

2.1 Rationale

As the number of active users of ch.ALL has significantly decreased over the
past years, a quorum of 60 votes on YES is too high and may make any change
impossible in the future.

3. Creation of the moderated group

We propose to create the group with the following
charter and moderation charter:

CHARTER:        Discussions in general. 
  <moderation /at\> (Moderated)

  This newsgroup will include discussions in general,
  and may cover the following topics:

    - Discussions about Switzerland and its inhabitants
    - Discussions about Swiss culture
    - Topics which are of interest for Swiss, other people living in
      Switzerland or people visiting Switzerland.

  Defamation of other users as well as recurring propaganda and 
  repeated posting of essentially the same content is off-topic.



1. The moderation acts as a team. Decisions except for the cases stated 
   are taken by consensus or by majority vote if necessary.

2. Every article is reviewed by a moderator. The moderator can make
   a final decision about a posting reviewed by him or her. However, a
   moderator should not decide on his or her own postings. The moderation
   is not allowed to alter articles in any way.

3. An article may be rejected if it

     a) is not written in an official language of ch.ALL;

     b) does not meet a topic mentioned in the charter;

     c) contains flames (insults);

     d) is crossposted to groups where it is obviously off-topic;

     e) is crossposted to more than two other groups or is part of excessive
        multiposting (spam);

     f) contains mainly advertisement, including political or religious;

     g) has essentially the same content as other postings written by
        the same author within the last two weeks;

     h) the author tries to open multiple threads on the same topic
        within a short time period.

   An article will always be rejected if

     i) its content is likely illegal in Switzerland;

     j) other postings with substantially identical content from the same
        author have already been approved;

     k) it is larger than 50 kB;

     l) it is crossposted to another moderated group;

     m) it is spam.

     n) the author uses someone else's name or if the author tries to use
        several different identities ("sock puppets").

   An article will be cancelled if

     o) it has bypassed the moderation.

4. Postings which are not rejected for any of these reasons are approved and
   posted to

   If the moderator rejects a posting, the author will be notified by email
   if this is possible, except if the posting is obvious spam. Authors will
   automatically be notified, if for any reason their article is pending
   for more than twenty-four hours.

   Authors who try hinder the moderation by writing an excessive number of
   articles might generally be blacklisted up to six months if a two thirds
   majority of the moderators decides to do so. Authors should be warned
   before such action is taken.

5. The current moderators are:

    - Michel Graedel
    - Raffael Herzog
    - Felix Holdener
    - Joerg Lorenz
    - Harald Maedl
    - Roman Racine
    - Felix Rauch
    - Priska Rubischon
    - Gabriela Salvisberg

6. New moderators may be proposed by the moderation. The proposal must be
   published at least in ch.admin and If less than five
   people object the proposal within two weeks, the proposed moderators will
   immediately join the team. Otherwise, they will only join the team if an
   election is held over a period of at least twenty-one days and the number
   of accepting votes is at least twice the number of objecting votes.

7. A majority of all present moderators may decide to exclude another
   moderator from the team.


3.1 Rationale

A majority of the traffic in the unmoderated group consists of
propaganda and trolling. Normal users are demotivated to use the group,
a lot of former regulars may have left the group or the entire usenet.

The reality has shown that all previous attempts to improve the
situation, such as personal filtering, sending complaint messages to the
providers etc. have failed, the situation has become even worse.

The proponents think that the creation of a moderated group will stop
the drain of users and might encourage people to keep on using the

4. Procedure

This is a Request for Discussion (RfD), not a Call for Votes (CfV). In
this phase of the process, any potential problems with the proposal
should be raised and resolved. The discussion period will continue for
a minimum of 21 days. After this, a Call for Votes will be posted.
If major changes to the rationale and/or the procedure are required,
a 2nd RfD will be posted.

All discussion of this proposal should be posted to ch.admin.

5. Distribution

- ch.admin
- ch.comm

Follow-up to ch.admin

Pointer in:
- ch.soc.politics
- ch.comp

6. Proponents

- Michel Graedel
- Raffael Herzog
- Felix Holdener
- Joerg Lorenz
- Harald Maedl
- Roman Racine
- Priska Rubischon
- Gabriela Salvisberg